Giclée Or Digital Printing For Your Beloved Artwork?

With the advance technologies and software, artists are looking for higher quality printing methods for their fine art reproductions. Giclée, pronounced as ‘Zhee-Clay’, has become the dominant technique in the art printing industry.

Giclée, originates from French and means 'that which is sprayed or squirted', is a type of inkjet printing. What makes it outstanding is that Giclée printing reproduces an artwork at a higher quality and with a longer lifespan than a common desktop inkjet printer.

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At 567 Framing, our art printing professionals team up with the most advanced Giclée inkjet printers. This combination of high technology and many years of experience in the fine art printing industry ensures that the prints will never degrade or yellow over time and allows a better longevity.

General digital printing, on the other hand, is a more affordable and accessible method of printing and used for most photo printing services stores. However, it is only a four-color process versus the giclee which is a 12 color process. Most of the digital printing products will be decayed or yellowed after 6 months or less.

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So, if you are looking for longevity, high-quality reproduction for your artworks or photos, as well as budget-friendly printing service, 567 Framing is your best option in the New York City area. If you have a printing attempt, just give us a call or stop by either of our stores for more detailed consultancy. Or, you can simply upload the artwork via our website and we will get back to you with a quote shortly.