Custom Framing

567 Framing is proud to offer a wide selection of custom framing services so that you can choose the appropriate framing style for your most prized artworks. Our skilled professionals are able to offer an unmatched level of quality framing and an expansive menu of services including Giclée printing, canvas stretching, and face mounting to ensure that your artwork is displayed with its full beauty and potential. From historical documents to sports memorabilia, there is always one frame for your artwork. Our custom frame will make sure that your artwork is well protected from damage and displayed with pride.


  • An unmatched level of quality framing, 100% customer satisfaction
  • Expansive menu of services including Giclée printing, canvas stretching, face mounting, etc.
  • Framing consultation and design advice for all types of artworks
  • A custom solution for every need and budge
  • Rush Orders are available at all of our 2 stores
  • Same Day Service is available at our Brooklyn store
  • Pickup and Delivery service is available for NYC area

If you have any questions about the custom framing services we offer, please contact us today.



Fine Art Prints and Photos 

Maybe it was destiny—our client Lisa found a beautiful antique drawing when she wondered in the art market in Paris. She brought it to us to get it framed. She chose a beautiful wooden frame with a metallic finish, it matches the charcoal drawing wonderfully. An off white acid-free window mat was chosen to preserve the drawing and protect the drawing from touching the glass. 




Multiple Opening

If you need to frame several small images in one frame or to create a fresh look for an interesting print, you can consider multiple opening framing option. Choose a simple frame to go with a plain white mat.  

Diploma and Certificate Framing 

 Are you a professional need to hang your certificates in your office? Or a recent grad and need to celebrate your finishing your degree? We help our customers pick the best diploma and certificate design to fit their needs. You can choose acid-free mat and conservation clear glass with 99% UV protection to protect your diploma from yellow-fading. Double matting is a great choice for certificates as well. 

Diploma framing

Jersey Framing

A sports fan? Do you want to showcase your favorite athlete's jersey? We can help you design the layout and mat you want to use. 

Jersey Framing

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