How does your canvas got stretched in a frame store?

The purpose of stretching a canvas is to preserve it and prepare it for framing. Both painted and unpainted canvas can be stretched in a professional framing store. This is such a relief for those customers who like to buy canvas paintings during their trips. It is highly recommended to bring such paintings to a professional instead of doing it yourself for protecting the completeness of your trip memories.

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Depending on the size of the canvas, different sizes of wood stretcher bars will be used to hold the canvas. Cross bars will also be useful when to prevent canvases being stretched from developing an hourglass shape. Nowadays, framing stores usually use a pneumatic stapler, which can either staple the canvas on its edge or on its back, depending upon how much canvas there are to work with.

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Two types of canvas stretching dominated in the framing industry. One is a regular stretch, also known as museum wrap, where the white borders of the canvas are folded over and only the image is seen from the front.


The other type is gallery wrapped canvas, which the image flows onto the sides of the stretcher bar. This type of canvas stretching gives the canvas a more complete look on the wall if you are not planning to frame it at the moment. It also used when there's not enough white borders left on the canvas. 

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You can send your artwork to 567 Framing, whether it's an artist's original piece or a printed reproduction, we will stretch it on our high-quality stretchers and ship the finished product back to you. We assure our customers with high quality and efficient work as well as a very reasonable price.