How long does it take to have something framed?

When it comes to picture framing, there are custom picture framing and readymade picture framing. Each takes a different amount of time.

Custom Picture Framing

Custom picture frames are very common for framing large pictures, which will take approximately 7– 10 days at the 567 Framing Stores, with most orders falling closer to the 7-day mark. If you’d like to design your own picture frames, it will be better to bring your artworks or the dimensions to the store. In 567 Framing stores, the presentation of different frame materials and mat designs can be previewed so that you will have an idea whether it suits your pictures and home decor.

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In case that you have a special event or that you would like something to be framed faster, your order can be rushed down to about 1-2 days if you choose the in-stock materials. If the requested material is rare and needed to be ordered, it would only take one more day to be delivered.


Readymade Picture Framing

The lead time for framing artworks with readymade picture frames depends on the quantity.  As 567 Framing has a lot of experienced framing professionals and sufficient inventory, they can complete large orders in a very short time. Especially at the Brooklyn store, the order will be processed while the client is waiting as long as they choose the framing materials in the store’s inventory.

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No matter which kind of frames you prefer and how big the order is, 567 Framing’s specialists will finish the job in a very professional and efficient way.