How to choose the right frame for your photo?

Photos are the most direct way to memorize adventures, the loved ones, and the accomplishments, etc. Without a proper frame to protect precious memories, it will be faded, discolored or damaged by the moisture, the UV light, and even the cleaning procedures. Therefore, a well-made photo frame with the right size will not only protect the sweet moment but also bring emphasis and highlights to those precious memories. So, “What is the right size for a photo?” will be a big question when customers standing in front of the wall of frames.

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For standard-sized photographs, there are various choices of standard-sized frames for multiple display purposes.  Smaller size frames are suitable for desktop and bookshelves. On the other side, bigger size frames are great for presenting the awards and certificates on the wall. Recently, it is trendy to mount artworks or photographs in different sizes of frames on the wall, especially in the interior design industry and galleries.

Here are some standard size frames for different presentations:

4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10

These 3 smaller size frames will be the proper sizes for photos stand on the desktop or bookshelves. These sizes will be great to show a family photo, a portrait, and a lovely pet, etc. The smiley faces in the frames will bring a lively style to the room.

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11×14, 11×17

These two sizes of frames are designed for a smaller-sized poster, such as certificates or the photographs. They would be great to be mounted on the wall to display or memory the success or the artwork.

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24×36, 27×40, and 27×41

As 24 x 36 is the standard poster size, this group of frame sizes would be the right one for large and poster-sized photographs, either the romantic wedding pictures or the best shot of the view.

Moreover, some frames have a self-board (the white edge around the picture)  in order to emphasize the artwork, but a few people prefer not to do that. If you are still hesitated, feel free to contact us or stop by 567 Framing stores in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Our frame experts will give professional suggestions on custom framing. Only for YOU! Enjoy the voyage of frames shopping!

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