Types of Frames

The art piece is normally on the inside of the frame, but at times the highlight turns to the frame itself. For years, artists around the world have utilized the frame to create a new style of art, that is, to let the frame speak for itself. Today, we will talk about different types of frames including floater frames, diploma frames, photo frames, 3D objects, shadow box frames as well as poster frames that 567 framing is dedicated to provide for framing your masterpieces.

Floater Frames

Canvases can either be wrapped with excess white borders, or with the painted parts on the sides. This is called Gallery Wrap, or Museum Wrap. With the white borders on the sides, the revealed image size can be maximized. Other canvases may have no extra white borders, but you can still maximize the viewable image size by using a shallower stretcher bar.

Floater Frames Sample - custom framing New York and Brooklyn

(Floater Frames Sample - A Gallery Wrap)

You can do either a gallery wrap or a normal stretched canvas (museum wrap).We offer two types of high-quality canvas presentation including a regular stretch (museum wrap) and a gallery wrap. You can send us your artwork, whether it's an artist's original piece or a printed reproduction, we will stretch it on our high quality stretchers and ship the finished product back to you with either canvas presentation you demand!

Floater Frames 2 - custom framing New York and Brooklyn

(Floater Frames Sample - A Museum Wrap)

Then it is time to frame the stretched canvas.

Floater frames are special because they are used to emphasize the content of the paintings, instead of attracting attention to the frames. Different from mounting a traditional picture frame over the canvas, the canvas is fitted onto and on top of the floater frame. The standard method is to leave a 1/4” gap between the canvas and the frame edges with a recess of 1/8” below the frame face. For more enhanced effect, the gap can be enlarged. The width of the face ranges from 1/4” to over 1”.

Floater Frames -3 custom framing New York and Brooklyn

Diploma, Certificate, and Document Frames

These frames are used to show off your achievements! Is there a better way to say “I did it!” than framing your certificate of completion? Even a simple black and white hard copy document can be added with significance by framed with a mat and boards.

diploma frame - custom framing New York and Brooklyn

Archivable materials are typically used for diplomas. This means using acid-free matting and UV filtered glass or plexi to ensure the paper keeps its original color for as long as possible. 567 Framing offers clear glass to protect your art from fading and museum glass with 99% UV protection to display your prized artwork with amazing charity.

diploma frame-2 - custom framing New York and Brooklyn

Adding a colored mat properly will help to contrast the original color of the text, a school logo or gold seal. If a single colored mat is taking too much distraction, we suggest doing a double mat with the inner reveal about 1/8”-1/4” and outer mat a color that’s similar to the paper, normally with a touch of some white shade.

diploma frame-3-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

As for the frame, 567 framing have what experts have labeled as “Diploma-style” frames. Of course, you may choose a frame that suits you taste, or one that matches the décor of your home or office, or just a simple one so that the diploma is the highlight of the frame.


Photo Frames

There are endless possibilities to frame photos. With smaller photos, what’s popular now is creating a photo collage wall. This includes photos of different sizes, colorful matting, and all types of frames. You can also create the same effect with one type of frame in different colors, or different styles of frames in the same color.

photo frame-1-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

What’s done often is putting several photos into one frame with multiple matted window openings. Doubling up on the matting can also helps to give it more depth. To give frame a see through effect, we also make double glass frames for photos.

photo frame-3-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

Some ideas include but not limited to; small photo with a large matting width (eg. 4”x4” with an 8” mat all around), a square photo framed in a regular frame, photo collage within the frame, etc.

3-D Objects

The framing process is more tedious when it comes to framing something with some height. Most artwork either can be flattened on paper or canvas, or is consistently the same thickness. Depending on the weight and dimensions of the object, our framing team will help to select and advise on the best materials to use.

photo frame-4-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

Shadow box frames are typically used for framing 3-D objects. Included examples are those but not limited to: sports jerseys (clothing), 3-D acrylic paintings, needlepoint, marathon medals and memorabilia, flags, collage art, etc. However for 567 Framing team, nothing is too strange or too complicated.

photo frame-4-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

Methods and materials used:

-clothing can be sewed on with needle and thread

-acid-free + double sided tape for lighter objects

-pins are sometimes used for fabrics

-craft glue or hot glue for heavier objects

-thicker boards are used as the backing for objects being properly inserted into the frame

photo frame-5-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

There are countless yet creative ways to mount these items. When you are open to suggestions, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Shadowbox Frames

Although we briefly discussed shadowbox frames under the 3-D objects category, did you know that you can also use a shadowbox frame for flat artwork?

shadow box frame-6-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

Shadowbox is like a casing for 3-D objects but can make a photograph more definitive by adding extra depth to it. It is absolutely a great method to frame a raised artwork or to project a photograph forward. It will make artworks look more outstanding when compare with falling on the flat side.

shadowbox photo frame-7-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

The frame that is called shadowbox, must have a deep rabbet. The rabbet includes the artwork, mounting board, mat board and glazing. its depth indicates how much space there is for all the components. For flat artwork and photographs, the frames normally have rabbets under one inch, whichis far too small for 3D objects. While some shadow box has a rabbet with over one inch depth, which provides enough space for varieties of objects.

Shadowbox Frames-1-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

There are also different depths when choosing shadow box frames. You can alter the depth of the “inner box” by specifying the height that appeals to you. They also don’t only come in basic black or white; there are plenty of options depending on the style of your artwork or your personal preference. With 567 framing, you can choose all kinds of shadow box here to show off your great art pieces.


Poster Frames

When framing a poster, most people prefer to just having the frame come right to the edges because of the size. However, it is not the same case for some posters. Adding a mat often, but not always, enhances the beauty of the artwork.

photo frame-6-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

For some oversized pieces, there are limited materials. But here at 567 Framing, the largest mat available is 60”x104”, largest acrylic sheet is 72”x120”, and moulding length is 120”. Therefore, as long as the artwork can fits the entryways of your place and can come through your location, we are able to complete framing it for you.

photo frame-8-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

Another benefit working with 567 Framing is that you have plenty of options here. You may not want to spend hundreds of dollars to frame a $40 movie poster, but we offer options such as the lower end of the spectrum. We keep many mouldings in stock and we can sell them at a reasonable but much lower price than the ones need to be ordered.

In some traditional stores, large poster frames tend to be extremely pricey. It is not wise for you to pay such a price for your big piece. At 567 Framing, we provide custom high-quality frames without a big price. We also provide simple ordering process and one-day shipping.  

photo frame-9-custom framing New York and Brooklyn

To sum up, 567 Framing is proud to offer a wide selection of custom framing services so that you can choose the appropriate framing style for your most prized artworks. Our skilled professionals are able to offer an unmatched level of quality framing and an expansive menu of services including Giclée printing, canvas stretching, and face mounting to ensure that your artwork is displayed with its full beauty and potential. From historical documents to sports memorabilia, there is always one frame for your artwork. Our custom frame will make sure that your artwork is well protected from damage and displayed with pride.