It's Easier Than You Think To Hang Wood Frames

For anyone who is interested in switching pictures frames around and DIY picture frames, the hanging system on the back of your frame is crucial. You frame will in risk of falling with wrong hanging hardware installed. However, attaching hanging hardware to a solid wood frame is easier, faster and more full-proof than many people think.

There are two basic types of hangers: a saw tooth hanger for smaller frames and a picture wire or D-ring for larger frames. All you need to install hanging hardware is a small level, a hammer, a pencil, and a tape measure.

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The small level, the pencil, and the tape measure already explain themselves clearly.  As for the perfect hammer, you may use the traditional framing hammers that buried in your toolbox, which are heavy duty rip hammers with a straight claw. Otherwise, a lightweight framing hammer with a titanium hammerhead and a fiberglass handle will increase velocity and protect your artworks and frames from being destroyed.

Before installing the saw tooth, measure the center of the frame’s top rail and mark with a pencil. Line up the center of the saw tooth hanger with your mark, using the small level to be sure the hanger is straight.  At last, tap the end of the hanger lightly with your choice of a framing hammer. If you make a mistake you can pull the saw tooth out with the claw end of the framing hammer and start over.

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Wire and D-rings are another set of option for hanging a picture frame because they are strong and easy to install and adjust. Mark the appropriate distance from the frame’s top rail and screw the D-rings on both sides. Then attach and measure the length of the picture wire and make tight knots on both ends.

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If you are still hesitating on what is the best way to hang your artwork, 567 Framing will be the right place to consult with on your needs and designs.