“Nail It” is Still The Thing!

Previously, we shared some original ideas on how to hang your artworks on the wall with the sawtooth, picture wire and D-rings. Those are the hanging system on the frame. But how do we hit a nail perfectly into the wall and make sure it can hold a 5lbs frame? Framing nails provide the most strength and security to artwork pieces. Today, we will share some tips and tricks on how to put nail in your wall and hang your picture frames.

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When hanging a small to medium size picture, it is very important to drive the nail into a wall stud for better support. However, it is very difficult to locate the wall stud, so the best way to secure the frame is to tap the nail into a void between two studs. The trick here is to drive the nail into the wall at a steep angle, at least 45 degrees, which will provide much greater support than tapping the nail straight into the wall.

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On the other hand, for larger and heavier pictures, the most suitable material is generally a screw, which gives greater holding power than a typical nail. When hanging a picture between studs, use a hollow-wall anchor, such as a toggle bolt, molly bolt, or spiral anchor. An experiment has shown that a toggle bolt can hold as much as 300 lbs of weight, so it is recommended to put it on top of your supply list for your next big artwork.

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It is suggested to make your own design for the placement of your artworks, before nailing the tools into your fine-painted walls, and remember to use some plain papers to make a dummy presentation of your pictures. Moreover, if you still have no clue on how to hang your pictures or what are the right tools for your frames, stop by 567 Framing store and let the professionals show you the tricks.