New York Style Apartment Tips: White Wall and Natural Wood

New York Style Apartment Tips: Embracing a White Wall and Natural Wood

If you just bought your first apartment in New York and wish to decorate it in a true New Yorker style, you should check out these tips from Luna Grey, a Brooklyn based interior designer.


TIP #1 Embrace a white wall

“I have a lot of clients who want to paint their wall. When I suggested white, they were like, ‘What? That’s going backward!’ But I think a white wall creates a great canvas to frame your artwork and sofa,” said Luna Grey, sitting on her comfy grey couch in her beautiful Brooklyn apartment.

A white wall gives you room to be creative with your artwork, giving you the opportunity to express your identity as though you had your own gallery. For example, Grey has a rock collection, a few pieces of her own watercolors, and a handful of other artists' works.

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TIP #2 Geometric shapes are your friend

According to Grey, a true New Yorker style is a minimalist neutral with pops of colors. Grey is a fan of geometric shapes: she loves triangles and has it on her dresses, pillows, and coasters.

Geometric shapes will add complexity to a neutral color and complement your white, beige and greys.

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TIP #3 Natural wood and plants

“I love plants, but I have a cat that will eat them, so I have these hanging terrariums,” Grey said. She puts moss and air plants that are easy to take care of into a hanging terrarium and waters them once a week. The plants brighten the space and bring a nice freshness to the room.

Grey also has a tree trump painted in silver. She believes natural wood are great tone and element to add to a neutral color room.

“I love organic material; I have oak wood and natural wood as accents in the room.” Grey loves the washed maple color frame 567 Framing chose for her.


TIP #4 Make your bedding color pop

Your bed is the central focus point of your bedroom. Your bedding should be the bold color that lights up your room.

“My bedroom design revolves around an idea I had which is to jump into a cloud at the end of a long day,” Grey said. She needed the bedroom to be serene and airy. “I love the color indigo, because everything else takes a step back from the space—the bedding pops.”

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