Help Needed:

Product Designer (Brooklyn, NY) Designing customized frames, determining matting style and integrated design layouts/sketches with advanced professional drafting software such as Illustrator and InDesign to meet customer's interior decoration requirements and specifications; Conferring with the market and sales department to devise and evaluate the design concept of the Company's most-featured and promotional frame samples such as Larson-Juhl Brooklyn Black Fame and Panorama Frame; Consulting and communicating with clients, providing professional opinion on frame design, matting color, matting method, glass and hanging spot selection based on their integrated interior design; Illustrating and presenting the design idea to clients, modifying and refining the drawings/draft according to their demands and requirements; Directing and instructing the manufacture of the designed frames, providing suggestion to improve operations and product quality; Coordinating with market department for design, recommendation and collection of the frames and artworks for the seasonal display of the Company's gallery;


Bachelor’s degree in interior design or industrial design; 12 months’ experience as designer

Please send resume to 567 GLOBAL, CORP. ATTN: Lina Tasci, 221 Mckibbin Street, Unit 8, Brooklyn, NY 11206